Santoro's Foot Long Subs on a Fresh Baked Braided Roll

Three to Six Feet Long (Average of Six Slices Per Foot)

Italian$17.00 per foot
Roast Beef$18.00 per foot
Turkey$18.00 per foot
Ham & Cheese$17.00 per foot
Tuna$18.00 per foot
Regular$17.00 per foot
Chicken Salad$17.00 per foot
Vegetarian with Cheese$15.00 per foot

All Subs Include Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pickles and Onions
Add Cheese $1.00 per foot, $10.00 deposit required for all boards (4 feet or longer)

Santoro's Wraps

Assortment of your choice cut in half on a tray

Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham and Cheese, Italian, Turkey Club, Chicken Caesar, Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, BLT, Vegetarian & Caprese
(10 wrap minimum to be put on a tray)

$8.50 each

Finger Roll Sandwiches

Chicken Salad$1.75 each
Ham Salad$1.50 each
Seafood Salad$1.75 each
Tuna Salad$1.75 each
Egg Salad$1.50 each
Assorted Cold Cuts$1.75 each
Lobster Finger Roll$4.00 (minimum 25)

Cold Cut Trays with Your Choice of Deli Meats

$35.00 Cold Tray serves 10 people with 2 rolls per person
$45.00 Cold Tray serves 15 people with 2 rolls per person
$55.00 Cold Tray serves 20 people with 2 rolls per person
$65.00 Cold Tray serves 25 people with 2 rolls per person

Bag Lunches

Submarine, Wrap or Finger Sandwiches served with a bag of chips, can of soda or bottle of water, piece of fruit or cookies, mustard, mayonnaise, napkin, salt and pepper.

Small Sub: $8.95
Large Sub: $9.75
Finger Sandwiches: $8.00
Wrap: $9.75

Great for Corporate Meetings/Trainings, Corporate Outings, and Golf Tournaments