Accessories to Accompany Your Order


Plate, fork, knife, napkin, cups and bowls$.75 per person

Serving Utensils

Spoons, tongs or spatulas$1.50 each


White plastic; round and long available$4.50 each
Linen white tablecloths are available for rent$12.00 each


Grated Cheese$7.75 lb.
Butter$.10 per pad
Mustard$2.50 per jar
Mayonaise$2.50 per jar



*Chafing Dishes $8.00 rental fee, $35.00 deposit on each

*Coffee Set Up: Coffee, sugar, splenda, stirrers, cream, cups and urn

100 cups $75.00
50 Cups $40.00
Deposit $100.00 is required

*Wait Staff is available with sufficient time and availability $250.00 per wait staff for 4 hours – there is a $1,000.00 minimum purchase required.

*Delivery is available, there is a charge depending on distance and size of order. There is an extra $15.00 charge for setting up your buffet during the delivery


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